List Ready from the Inside

So you’re going to be selling your lived in home and you need some help on how to get it market ready, quick! Here are three simple tips to help you fix up your place without costing you a fortune. 

  • Keep on the Lights- Don’t underestimate how the right light can create the right mood during showings. Adding lights to a dark room helps make your home be warm and inviting. Don’t forget to welcome in some sunshine by opening your curtains and opening blinds! 
  • Update Flooring- Pull up the dirty and old carpets to make a lasting impression. Creating a fresh clean floor will have buyers happily walking through your rooms without being distracted about the stains. Den’s and small rooms are great options to update without breaking the bank. 
  • Create Space- Spacious and open is always sought after. If you’ve got it in your budget to take down a wall to open the kitchen to dining room or kitchen to family room, it will definitely pay off. The trend is open living spaces and family flow-plans right now. You can also get rid of excess furniture and miscellaneous items through out the home to help buyers focus more on the floor plan and feel like the space is larger than it really is!

These are just a few tips, we’ve got plenty more! If you’re interested in selling your home please contact us first. We’d be happy to assist you with getting the most money for your home. (503) 804-0587

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