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Spring is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Is your home ready for market? What does that even mean, right? Let me give you some tips so we can get your home sold without wasting time & money!

Are you ready?…


1️⃣. First and foremost, SPRING CLEAN! Take time to vacuum thoroughly, shampoo those carpets, dust, and clean those baseboards! Think “show room ready” clean. Your home doesn’t have to show like a model home, but it definitely should get as close as possible. A little bit of elbow grease, can really pay off! We partner with a local “green” cleaning company if you’d like to take advantage of some serious savings and hire out the work.

Don’t miss these items, buyers definitely won’t:

– Freshen up your walls, wipe clean or spruce up with new paint.

– Clean those windows, including the track!

– Tile and grout should be wiped clean.

– Don’t forget to sweep up those dust bunnies and vacuum all the carpet corners knooks-and-crannies, including behind end tables! 


2️⃣. Bring your yard back go to life! Landscaping is a simple solution to curb appeal, bring in those green bushes beaming with fresh life and add some pops of color to flower beds. To get the best results in photos, during showings, and open houses your yard needs to be inviting and neat!

Some easy lawn care on goes a long way:

– Cut that grass and mow the yard.

– Remove dead plants, trim back bushes, and remove low hanging limbs. 

– Get the sprinkler system up and running, help keep that grass green. (All potential buyers will want it in functioning condition, anyway and saves you the trouble of having to explain a non-working system.)

– Get a NEW “welcome” mat! It’s the little things…

– Make the front door POP with a new coat of paint. 


3️⃣. Start packing & declutter! With accurate pricing, it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN your house will sell. Instead of scrambling to get the process started at the end, start packing now! The sooner the better anyway, since decluttering will also help any buyer picture their own lives in the home, you’ll want your life-items out of the way.

You’re going to move, so start getting those boxes filled:

-Sell or donate items that you really don’t want the hassle of moving. Hosting a garage sale is also a great way to let the neighbors know of your plans to move, your REALTOR TEAM w/ Leilani Powell can help market your garage sales as-well, 100% free to you! If you do donate items, we have a truck to make those deliveries FOR YOU. 

-Don’t leave cupboards empty; instead stage them with books, flowers, or picture frames. 

-Put all the winter clothes away! You’re not going to need them for at least the next 9 months anyway.



4️⃣. Bring in some color, keep it simple & smart. This is an easy process, don’t over complicate it. Spruce up your living space by bringing in new colors and getting rid of the dreaded “lived-in” look.

These items can really help make the space more inviting:

– Replace those curtains, blinds, and drapes, especially if you’ve got some old metal blinds. I promise, a little bit spent here will help any potential buyer really appreciate the update space.

-Don’t use heavy drapes, keep the feel airy and light. Don’t block out the light from those windows. Natural light sells a space best!

-Get new bedding and pillows that you’ll be able to take with you into your new home. 

-Pops of color will make a big impact! Either on your walls, on your furniture, or freshen up the wood with new stain. Either way, let some colors in to brighten up the space. 



5️⃣. Get those little repairs done you’ve been putting off. Getting the minor repairs done before someone walks through to pick apart your home, will really help sell your home. It also shows to the prospective buyer (and their inspector) that you took very good care of the home and won’t leave it to their imagination to wonder “what else they didn’t bother to repair.” More importantly, if you’ve got a major repair in mind, get it fixed. If you need a contractor or strategies on how to come up with the money to make these repairs happen, your REALTOR TEAM w/ Leilani Powell has contractor partners that will help you get these items done without breaking the bank.

Some minor items people often overlook for quick fixes:

-Faucets, don’t let them stay leaky. Also shine them up! Dull, water splashed faucets are never attractive.

-Replace those lightbulbs, do entire chandeliers or light fixtures with multiple bulbs all together so there’s no variation in ray of light.

-Remove those ripped and torn window screens. Or just replace them if you prefer to have a light breeze flow through your home without inviting critters in.


L A S T   B U T   N O T   L E A ST!

When pricing your home, price it accurately. How?! Your REALTOR TEAM w/ Leilani Powell will help you determine how to get that done. Read about the best strategy when pricing your home. Overpricing your home will only hurt you in the long run- it turns off buyers, will only challenge the market and help sell your neighbors house, AND will waste your money and time. The reality is the market determines your home price, statistically- if you price your home for what the market determines, it WILL seller FASTER & for MORE money. 



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